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Bioplásticos - Compromiso con el Medio Ambiente

Why are sustainable materials needed?

The plastic industry is faced with a double challenge: the ever-increasing price of fossil resources and the rise in oil prices. The key to solving our industry’s problems lies therefore in the development of renewable resources. Innovative technologies can already be used to replace polymers with sustainable plastics, and vegetable raw materials, thus respecting the environment.

What are bioplastics?

Bioplastics are thermoplastic polymers manufactured from 100 % natural and renewable sustainable resources like the potato, instead of petroleum. These bioplastic granules can be processed on machines using thermoplastic resins. BIOPLAST resins contain biopolymer materials that can be used in the same way as traditional synthetic plastics.

5 reasons why Bioplast protects the environment:

Not only can products manufactured from BIOPLAST be put to a wide range of industrial uses, but they are also guaranteed to be easy to deal with and ecological after use.

• Bioplast: a biodegradable material
• Bioplast: a renewable material
• Bioplast: a compostable material
• Bioplast: a recyclable and incinerable material
• Bioplast: does not contain added CO2

Fabricantes de Bolsas de PlásticoProduct applications for all areas of the market

BIOPLAST resins are universal materials. They are a result of the science of life, and meet the environmental demands of innovative products perfectly. The resins can be used to manufacture both fast and traditional food products, for table accessories, in the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture and packaging.

BIOPLAST enables manufacturers to make the same products as before but with brand new properties which give them a foothold in new markets.

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