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Responsabilidad con el Medio Ambiente

SPHERE GROUP SPAIN, S.L. is a company that bases its production activity on two fundamentals:

• High density polythene film extrusion.
• The subsequent manipulation of this film to make T-shirt type carrier bags and refuse bags..

The products manufactured by SPHERE GROUP SPAIN, S.L., comply with the ecological criteria set out in the UNE 53-970 T-shirt type polythene bag standards, ecological criteria and UNE 53-971 polythene refuse bag ecological criteria.

SPHERE GROUP SPAIN, S.L., has been awarded the AENOR Environment Mark for some of its products in the refuse and T-shirt type range, and the AENOR Environnement Mark for the T-shirt bag and reinforced handle bag.
The only type of energy used is electricity.

All plastic waste generated by our industrial activity, together with the plastic packaging off the raw material that is delivered to our plant, is recycled at two recycling plants and the recycled polythene is channelled back into the production process.

The body of people that makes up SPHERE GROUP SPAIN, S.L. is very environmentally aware and proof of this is that it was the first company in the sector to implant Environmental labelling on its products and take measures to recover the industrial waste it generates by installing recycling plants.

Channelling recycled material, obtained by processing industrial waste, back into the production process in the form of raw material, goes a long way to reducing the impact on the environment, due to the subsequent decrease in the use of non-renewable materials. Polythene is obtained from petroleum, which is a limited resource. Reusing the recycled product as a raw material, reduces the consumption of virgin polythene, which in turn, reduces the consumption of petroleum, a resource which is becoming scarce.

In 2007, SPHERE GROUP SPAIN, S.L. altered its production process, replacing the solvent-based inks it used to print its products, with water-based inks, thereby practically eliminating the emission of VOCs into the atmosphere.

SPHERE GROUP SPAIN, S.L‘s priority in its company policy is Quality, respect for the Environment and Health and Safety.

To put this philosophy into practice, it has participated and, in fact, still does, in national and European forums in which product quality standards and ecological criteria standards are laid out.

In Spain, it has participated in the setting out of the UNE 53-970 standards for T-shirt type polythene bags, ecological criteria and the UNE 53-971 polythene refuse bags ecological criteria.


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