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Aldeasa 100% biodegradable bags distributed in Indian airports today after signing an agreement with Sphere, an industry group that specializes in the...


The very essence of our being here at SPHERE GROUP SPAIN, S.L., is the satisfaction of our customers.

By customers we mean:

• All our employees at SPHERE GROUP SPAIN, S.L.
• External customers.
• Shareholders.
• Society in general.

To this end:

We make an in-depth study of their objective needs, implicit needs and expectations, pinpointing the way in which we can contribute to making each customer feel valued and the things we can do to improve in this area.

The whole management process of all our company’s activities is aimed towards satisfying our customers’ expectations in as economical and efficient a way as possible.

Our company’s increase in value is derived from its increase in knowledge. The continual process of learning from experience, by gaining and sharing information and training, finding new meanings and possibilities to create fresh knowledge that means more value for the customer and a higher level of competitiveness for the company.

We have established a process of improvement that takes innovation to a level that goes beyond the mere development of new products, innovation is also a way of improving processes.

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Certificado de Calidad
Certificado de Calidad
Certificado de Calidad
Certificado de Calidad
Certificado OK Compost

One example of this process of improvement and innovation are the biodegradable bags that SPHERE GROUP SPAIN, S.L. is already commercialising. These products are manufactured from starch, a natural substance plants use to store their food, making it a harmless product for living organisms to assimilate

The new materials comply with the European Standard UNE EN 13432“Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation – Testing scheme and evaluation criteria for the final acceptance of packaging”   

SPHERE GROUP SPAIN, S.L., has been awarded the Environmental Quality Guarantee Distinction, bestowed by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalonian Government), for their biodegradable products.


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