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Aldeasa 100% biodegradable bags distributed in Indian airports today after signing an agreement with Sphere, an industry group that specializes in the...

The 5 stages of bioplastic material

Learn about the 5 stages of bioplastic material:

  1. We start off with the potato

    Potato starch has many advantages when it comes to manufacturing bioplastics and this, together with its different varieties and its sustainability, means it is an excellent source for the development of all our products.

  2. We extract the starch from the potato

    Potato starch contains amylose, a base sugar in the vegetable kingdom. It is this raw material together with vegetable chemical processes, that allows us to manufacture practically the same components as the ones derived from petrol, but with much less impact on the environment since it comes from a sustainable source, which is neutral as far as the greenhouse effect is concerned, and is neither toxic nor contaminating.

  3. We manufacture starch-based bioplastics

    Bioplast products are manufactured with potato, sugar and/or copolymer starch. They come in the form of granules which are then processed by the plastic industry to create a variety of everyday products.

  4. Manufacturing everyday products

    Bioplastics are 100% biodegradable, sustainable resources, which are a part of our every day life. They are robust, of high technical quality and have a wide range of applications: Packaging, carrier bags, plates and cutlery, boxes, blister packs, containers…

  5. In short, bioplast products are

    100% biodegradable, compostable, recyclable and re-useable; a bioplast bag disappears in less than 180 days with no contaminating effect on the environment. Also, taking advantage of their compostability, bioplastics are turned into fertilisers for biological agriculture.


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